JayNBon Quilting Creations

Quilts that are always unique, always a keepsake.

About Us

Welcome to JayNBon Quilting! We are a retired couple, married for almost 45 years, and make a perfect team to create heirloom and keepsake gifts.

Bon has been sewing, knitting, and crocheting since she was six years old. She always told her mother, who has quilted for 25 years, that she would take it up when she retired. That was five years ago. Since then she has made over 100 quilts of all sizes and types including one with a crocheted center as well as paper piecing and appliqué. She is the design and layout person on our team. She also makes a lot of suggestions for quilt ideas and then asks Jay to do the artwork.

Jay has been a frustrated artist most of his life. That is, until he took up quilting three years ago. He has always loved fabrics and would follow Bon around in stores touching, gazing at and admiring all the colors and textures to be found. Bon challenged him to make a quilt after he said one too many times, “I really like this pattern.” Even though he never really used a sewing machine before he took up the challenge and made his first quilt. Since then he has begun making art quilts and prefers the freedom as well as the challenge of using fabric as an art medium.